5 August 2008

hello august

well, i feel like myself & life in general have become a blur lately, hence why there's been no updates on the blog front. in short: work, invigilation training at the edinburgh sculpture workshop (more on that another time), a visit to edinburgh city centre involving dodging fringe flyers & buying something's wrong by ruefive, eating yummy chinese & italian courtesy of my parents, work, alan coming to visit, making my first ever pot of soup (broccoli), the new batman film, booking a little holiday to ireland, making four 4m long banners for a club (or klub) night, & more work.

sometimes i think i've done nothing exciting, then i look back & i have! sadly the next few days involve simply more work. a lot of it.


John Alan Birch said...

nice picture of choo :)

jenuine said...

i'm a blur!

John Alan Birch said...

You are an incredibly pretty blur though!