14 August 2008

positive critical imagination

today was my first day of invigilating the magazine 08 positive critical imagination show at the edinburgh sculpture workshop in leith. the show brings together work by several different groups & artists from several different countries, you can read more on the website. as i'm doing four days in a row, i'm mainly looking after the piece "distributive justice", an installation by andreja kuluncic. the part of the installation i enjoy the most is the distributive justice game, in which the user divides up common goods - ie. money, freedom - between their "society", to see what kind of society it would be. the results from all the users in all the countries that the installation has showed in are combined, with each show adding a new layer of results & opinions to their statistics. the show is quite full on, but very interesting, & a tour from the curators was a definate bonus in the invigilation training.

i'm there for the next three days, come say hi if you wish!

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