19 September 2008

present & correct

i've perhaps fallen in love with this website & company. present & correct sell a selection of found, hand-printed, & beautiful stationary, ranging from notebooks to things to write with, & everything is just perfect! i've been very strict with myself concerning spending money lately, but i couldn't help myself when it came to a couple of objects. unfortunately, my purse-strings & bank balance must've sensed that my will was caving, as the site is suffering from down-time as i type, so i can't finish my transaction. damn! have a peep when it gets up & running again, i dare you to resist buying anything, & if there's nothing of interest to you... buy something for me!

edit: it's working again! i managed to limit myself to this & this. will be brilliant for taking notes when i start french classes soon.

beulah - burned by the sun


fairy-cakes said...


Best. Poster. Ever.

Haha, awesome site. :)

Steph said...

Ha awesome. didn't quite catch the address though. I like digital money! It's like shopping but not seeing your money disappearing.... until you get a statement of course!


cool, I wish I could speak german again!

jenuine said...

sally: yes, i rather liked that poster! but my bank balance did not.

steph: what address? i know, digital shopping is quite discreet & manipulative that way! never mind, little & often is fine.

yes, french! i think i start tomorrow?! i'm not sure, i haven't been sent a timetable! ): you should take up deutsch!