23 September 2008

small build

you can find a curious selection of outhouses, sheds, & small abandoned buildings on a train journey. all peeling paint, loose tiles, & broken windows. what's their purpose? who built them? how did they come up with the final design, especially regarding the quirky ones? they're so small & in the middle of nowhere you wonder if perhaps they were someone's little get-away, where they went to make model planes in peace or read books undisturbed. or they could just be sheds, where tools & the like are kept. but that's not quite as exciting.

my favourite is the one with the especially sloped roof.

tegan & sara - call it off


Steph said...

Did you ever have a wendy house when you were small? I really wanted one when I was a littlin. One of my friends had one but she kept her rabbit in it! It was the rabbits home! Instead of a wendy house for my sister and I to play in, we played in our garden shed. Basically we would locked the other one in and run away! ha. Have you ever read 'men are from mars, women are from venus'? (shhh I have, only becuase of pure curiousity!) The author always goes on about how a shed is a mans place to go and sulk in and won't come out and till he has become happier (I think the author was suggesting that it would basically be a long time, seeing how there's a roof!). On my Duke of Edinburgh's award We would always pass loads of cute little bothys. Occationally we would wait in them for a few hours untill the rain would stop, or we would stop and have our lunch in them.
It's amazing of how many stories come to my mind when I think of little houses. I think what interests me in little houses is that there is always something inside- grumpy men, a frustrated sister, garden tools, teaparties, rabbits and my curiousity!

jenuine said...

no, i didn't. my sister & i would use the garage, but it was a bit big, so we'd make our own places, with umbrellas or sheets strewn from high places or under tables, etc. i've never read it, no, haha. but as if sheds were just for men, i would love a shed. there's one on our back green, but i think the man upstairs is a hoarder, & that's where he keeps his... hoardings? haha, thank you for the curious comment steph.

Steph said...

oh i have just remembered! this is another random comment. Do you know why a wendy house is called a wendy house? I think it is because (I read this in Peter Pan when I was a kid) that wendy in Peter Pan is suposed to mean 'My friendly lady' so a wendy house is actually a 'friendly house'.

Man I know a lot about sheds! ha ha.