4 September 2008

second attempt

another day, another gocco attempt! i decided to have another shot at my house print, so after going to get a photocopy of the image instead of using the original, i settled down for the second attempt. i applied a liberal amount of ink once i'd made the master, but disaster struck when i peeled the photocopy off, as some of it was stuck to the image! cue using a pair of tweezers to peel off as much as i could in order to save a second screen. the speech-bubble part of the print was patchy, but rather than giving up again i took a tip from the flickr gocco group, & filled in the patches with a brush while the ink was still wet. a tedious three & a half hours later, i have forty-two prints, a little less than i'd hoped for, but i had to give up before my back did. i'm happy that i got a print out of this drawing, even if it wasn't perfect. i don't think i'll be able to use all forty-two, but i'm going to get some organised to sell once i recover from hunching over my desk for too long. more photos on flickr!

in other non-gocco news, i did a site redesign! there aren't any bugs as far as i'm aware (apart from the frames showing in firefox), & it's not completely finished, but i'm happy to have a simpler layout, & a chance to cut down the amount of work i have on show. have a peek!

wilco - you are my face


Lizzy Stewart said...

the redesign looks great! nice colour choices. glad the second attempt was more fruitful. 42 isnt a bad run at all. hurrah!

jenuine said...

thanking you! i'm glad too, & forty-two is a fine number, i just didn't expect it to take so long!

Lor said...

the prints look ace jen, and well done that you stuck it out, practice makes perfect my mum always says. the new site is looking good too, someones been a busy bee :) keep up the good work. lorenbrand@hotmail.co.uk is my mail addy x x xx

jenuine said...

thanks loren. (: practice would perhaps make perfect, if i wasn't using such an unpredictable machine! but you're right, i'll learn from my mistakes.
cheers, will go invite you just now! x