3 September 2008


i'm not joking when i say that one of the things that frustrates me in life the most is when printing, of any kind, goes wrong. several friends are witness to the fact that i turn into a babbling mess of self-proclaimed failure when screen-printing & i don't get along (it's a bit embarrassing really). this mornings attempt at gocco-ing has not gone well at all, but for once, i've managed to remain calm & just accept that these things happen sometimes (there was a point where crying seemed a good option, but i'm past it). i'm a little disappointed, especially since my first gocco session went so well. i'm not really sure what went wrong, but no amount of printing onto scrap paper to perhaps even out the inks & make it less blotchy worked. the worrysome-finance-freak side of me is telling me to clean the screen, hopefully unblocking the lines in the process, & have another go in the hope of saving a screen, but the calm-never-mind-move-along side of me is telling me to chuck the screen & try again another time.

it's frustrating, but not the end of the world i suppose. time to move onto something that is less likely to be a failure!

ben folds - sentimental guy


Pikaland said...

I think it's turned out beautifully! :)

jenuine said...

thank you! it was just this screens results that were a bit questionable, the bottom of the houses didn't print, but the next screens attempt went more to plan. (: