17 October 2008

oh deer

i don't know whether to be relieved or scared that i'm back to drawing again after a slight break due to lack of motivation: relieved because i'm drawing, or scared because the drawings are christmas related, & it's only october.

i think i'll stick with relieved, & just pretend that i'm super organised.

seabear - sailors blue


John Alan Birch said...

this is a nice picture, i like the drawings of deer that you've done xxx

hellojenuine said...

thank yooou.

Jules... said...

How strange, I haven't been on anyones blog in a while and the other day was feeling Christmassy and drew an Axis deer as I thought it looked quite similar to a reindeer.

Also, hurrah for drawing.


hellojenuine said...

hooray! you drew! i knew it was only a matter of time.

i have no idea what kind of deer i drew. :/ is that the kind i drew?

Jules... said...

Well, being the deer expert that I am I would say that it wasn't an axis deer. Although that is as far as my expertise will stretch, I haven't a clue what kind yours was :( A nice one.

Maybe it is a reindeer? xxx

Pikaland said...

I think your drawing is absolutely beautiful!

hellojenuine said...

why thank you, i appreciate that a million times over. (: