17 October 2008

taller than trees

i've been thinking more & more about making things with paper recently, things that are two & three dimensional. this is a charming stop-frame short by joseph mann, with an equally lovely soundtrack, making the most of both dimensions when it comes to paper. there's more little creations on his website that are worth a look.

found via drawn!.


Steph said...

Hello. I didn't ge the image so I don't know entirely what your on about. I was going to say that there is a fourth year product designer that is doing her project on paper products and embedding electronics into them. She can do all sorts of origami tricks. She uses patterned paper for what she makes. It looks totally amazing. You might want to have a look at it. She should have a blog so I will ask her for it and give it to you the next time i see you.
genius idea though

hellojenuine said...

awesome, let me know if she has one.
the image was a video, google "taller than trees joseph mann" & hopefully you'll find it.