16 December 2008

brown paper packages


hello! it's been a while, but i've come back. i've been a busy bee doing goodness knows what, but never mind all that. all you need to know is that i've been faithful to my every day a drawing in december project, & you can see the results on my flickr (though i've yet to post the past few days images).

asides from that, i can't believe how quickly the christmas period has snuck up on me. although it visits every year, & i only have to buy a couple more little things & fold/write/send out heaps of cards, i'm always surprised by it's arrival. speaking of cards, i'd like to send out a card to those of you who read this. as long as you're within the first six (i'm limited by stamps!) people who live in the uk (sorry worldwide friends) to send your address to jen-uine at hotmail dot com by thursday evening, i shall pop a card to you in the post.

the flaming lips - white christmas


Grampian Mountains said...

Good labels. I saw the bloke from Frightened Rabbit do an acoustic set at the Classic Grand over the weekend... I've got to be honest and say I'd never heard of them before. It was quite good.

hellojenuine said...

thanks sir.

that sounds like it would've been bloody awesome. i saw them again last week, ace show, & the singer did one of their songs acoustic. it was quite lovely. glad you enjoyed it.

Lor said...

those packages look lovely hehe im tres excited for xmas :) x x x