23 December 2008


happy holidays
all quiet on the blog front again, thanks to the flu. but it's almost gone now, so here's to a merry festive season to everyone, & to a happy & memorable 2009; i'm looking forward to it. above is my gocco'd christmas card that i sent out this year. after the (unnecessary) stress of printing & forgetting to put stamps on the first time i posted them (so silly), i'm glad they're finally reaching their destinations. my daily december drawings from the past couple of weeks have been uploaded to flickr, so perhaps you could browse through them whilst enjoying a mince pie. i may stall further blogging until i get myself organised after a week of feeling lousy, so see you in the new year friends. x


littlemithi said...

Hope you get well before Christmas day!

Great gocco card by the way, and thanks for the comment over at mine :)

hellojenuine said...

i'm feeling lots better thanks, well enough to go to work on christmas eve... sigh!

thank you, & no problem. :)

a bigger splash said...

i love this pic. and the packground on this blog is awesome. its like a wood blog or a "wooden web log" or something.

hellojenuine said...

yeah, some sort of lingo like that. thanks ali.