26 January 2009


everyone we know

january, & in turn 2009, has been pretty smashing so far. i've been extremely busy, working & playing. i've been taking part in various illustrative projects, one of which is above: the sketchbook project by art house co-op. there are others, but they'll be revealed with time. i finally got around to gocco-ing my thank you cards today & despite my bad feeling about how it was going to go, it went swimmingly again. when i've not been arting, i've been having fun in other ways. january has brought illustration reunions, & we managed to get eleven of my class together for a night, an excellent feat. not only have i seen my illustrative friends, but others too (arty or otherwise), & yesterday evening was spent celebrating burns night with yummy vegetarian haggis, hilarious pictionary & brilliant company.

as for the near future, more drawing, a trip home, a trip to edinburgh, a trip to the dentist (boo), a week off work (hooray!), & a zombie night in aid of this years fourth year illustration class. 2009 is ace.

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