18 January 2009


goodness, another week & no post. i've been busy with cake, eye-tests, work, & reunions, & next week sees more of the same (probably not another eye-test), so i thought i'd slip a little post in here before i head off to work. here are some things lovely items from the ever fruitful etsy.

cross stitch crown badge by erin of atlantic treefox

customisable jackalope cards by elise of argyle whale

antler necklace by alice of forest bound
"a gosling" comic by stuart kolakovic

there, that's your lot for now. i'm hoping that i might start posting some sort of weekly feature on artists & illustrators that i like, but for now i'll have to go finish getting ready for a day at work.


Pikaland said...

Beautiful picks Jen! My personal favourite has to be your lovely necklace, and also the comic by Stuart.

Lizzy Stewart said...

nice...i love the badge at the top. A gosling is great too of course.

hellojenuine said...

amy: i have the necklace, & have bought the badge, i wish i could buy all the beautiful things i find.

lizzy: i bought one, in navy & gold, last night. etsy is addictive.

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Oh! thank you for including my jackalope cards :) I am so fond of the necklace you chose too.

erin said...

how did i not see this?! thank you jen! ps: i hope you get your badges soon. i'm getting worried.