9 January 2009

not quite every day

i quite forgot to say, but my little "every day a drawing in december" project is - as you may have guessed - complete. & sadly, i failed! i had good intentions, but accidentally missed out a drawing on christmas day. let's face it though, if there were to be a day in december that could be excused for not drawing, it's definitely the 25th. that aside, it was a much harder project than i'd anticipated. some days saw me sitting at my desk just before heading off to bed, grudgingly drawing a pattern. but it was also nice to just do a drawing that didn't have to mean anything, didn't even have to be good, just as long as something came out on paper. the results are on flickr, & with that i say goodbye to "edadid", & hello to new things.


Deb said...

hello new year and new drawings! i have been looking at loads of your old posts through your blog! its great. dx.

hellojenuine said...

hello! thank you very much for the comment. your lions are an awesome way of doodling daily, & i love your squirrels, i found out yesterday that i can't really draw them, sigh. happy new year to you. :)