26 March 2009

advice for you

advice to sink in slowly

i'm posting about advice to sink in slowly again, but this time it involves you. john, the founder of the project, very kindly sent me an extra copy of the second advice to sink in slowly postcard pack as a thank you when i purchased it, so to spread the advice & spread the word, i'm going to send a postcard to the first ten people who respond to this. just send your address to jen-uine[at]hotmail[dot]com, & - if you're fast enough! - you'll receive one of these awesome & randomly selected little snippets of advice in the post. go go go!


Anonymous said...

Competition! :) Email is on it's way x

Miss Kolleen said...

What if I just leave it here?
Kolleen carney

4 high st
Methuen ma 01844 USA