4 April 2009


i'm not sure how long this took me, but put it this way; this is sand is a good way to whittle away time. (via it's nice that, issue #1.)

apart from playing with pixellated sand, this morning was used to price things & organise some bits & pieces, selling-wise. weekends are precious now (though obviously not so precious that i won't spend an age creating the above image).


Steph-annie said...

woah! that does look like it would take you a long time. Girl you got patience!

Thank you for the post card. Really thought provoking. Looks like a good project to do as well. You should send me your address I would really like to send you an image that either summerising my mylife or something like that along with a note. I tried to do that with an old friend from school but I don't think she was too interested. My friend from school are all still hung up about using facebook still (even though I have one too, it still makes me sad that they are like that).

Post through the mail box gets me really excited! so thank you again.

Sanna Dyker said...

Wow that really must have taken you an age! I had a little shot at it last night, and it was much fun. But i only got to about 2cm up from the bottom of the screen... You really must have patience! :) xxx

hellojenuine said...

steph: haha, or too much time on my hands? you decide.

no bother lovely! & you have facebook, i'll haveto find you, even though i'm not it's biggest fan. it just makes keeping in touch a bit easier with some friends (& a lot easier for others who are in other countries).

no problem, i'll send you my address!

sanna: it took ages, i kind of lost track of time. i was quite determined to do the entire screen!