13 May 2009

bird watching

urban bird watchers society

recently, i haven't been listening to music on my way to & from work. instead, i've been listening out for birds. i'm not very good with deciphering calls (apart from easy ones), but i like to hear them, & watch the birds going about their business. a few weeks ago i would see a male house sparrow guarding his babies tucked away in the gaps under some roof tiles almost every morning. seeing blackbirds run never fails to make me smile. i've recently learned that the small blue/brown birds who scurry about in undergrowth are called dunnocks, & am missing the sight of hoards of starlings from when i was younger, as they only seem to meet up in groups of five or six lately. in short, birds are pretty excellent.

i bought this brooch from the red door gallery a few weeks ago. it's pretty fitting.


Fe Louise Coull said...

WOW!!! I'm so jealous :)I'm so sad that I'm going to look up dunnocks! :p xxx

ps the word code today is: tring. Yum!

hellojenuine said...

haha, you are not sad at all, but i wouldn't expect anything less!

Sanna Dyker said...

I love the bird noises. Especially when i'm walking to work on Sunday. It's so quiet due to no one being about at that time. The bird noises are so beautiful :) xxx

hellojenuine said...

same with me walking to work on saturday morn'. t'is braw.