17 May 2009

sunday roast

i like work inspired by nature, surroundings, & shapes. with that, i bring you three artists who i decided nicely represented this for today's sunday roast.

i couldn't decide which of christopher bettig's work to pick, so i went with one of his collages & one of his paintings. even though it was his imagery made up of cleaner shapes & symbols that i saw first (i really, really want these badges), i was quite drawn to his less ordered & more layered work too. alot of his work is clearly inspired by natural landscapes, & who doesn't like the beauty of natural surroundings?

robert hanson's work is pretty excellent. if i'd had more money at the time of seeing a show of his last year, i'd most certainly have one of his prints on my wall (instead i settled for a tote-bag, which is certainly no bad thing, as it is on my person pretty much all the time for tote-bag-esque emergencies). i very much admire the way he uses flat colour & shape in his work, & also enjoy the humour that he includes in many of his pieces, giving everyday objects a life of their own.
it's likely that this artist won't be a new one for many of you. i've found fans of nigel peake all over the internet, among friends, & - most recently - co-workers, & it's nice to have that in common with people! it's hardly surprising that so many people enjoy his work. i've loved it ever since he was invited to give the illustration students a talk when i was at art college. his ability, patience & motivation show in all of his pieces, & in the sheer quantity of it! if you're unfamiliar with mr peake as you read this, i suggest you take a moment to welcome his imagery into your life.


Steph-annie said...

I love robert hanson's.

I don't know. I like how it's orderly, it's of houses and it's surprising!

hellojenuine said...

he has a few on his site that are similar. i saw some of new york that he did at the edinburgh show, i wanted one!

Grampian Mountains said...

I never knew he did a talk at College. Nice.

hellojenuine said...

yeah, when we were third year i think? was pure good.