5 May 2009

good to know

good to know

i love getting post, & i love it even more when it's as good as this. i bought the "good to know" zine from lovely amy of pikaland recently, full of lots of information & tips from artists regarding stumbling blocks they've experienced creatively, & how they've overcome them. & as a super-duper added bonus, i also received this beautiful & spring-tinged print! thank you amy, you're excellent.

if you're ever in the need for inspiration, information, or just want to look at lots of lovely collected imagery, most certainly give pikaland a visit.


Pikaland said...

I just saw this Jen, and I'm so glad you liked it. I didn't realize it until I saw your photograph, but I think the colors go so well together! ;)

hellojenuine said...

they do, don't they? that yellow suits them as a pair.