10 May 2009

sunday roast

i'm sad that the work of jon klassen has slipped under my personal radar thus far, but am glad that he's become a blip on it now. i think i saw my flat-mate looking at his work last week, & man, is it ever awesome. the textures & layouts, especially of landscapes, are incredible. i can't really express how brilliant, so just take a look (especially 'adventures of ship').

i've been quietly following the work of stefan thompson for a few years. he a wonderful way of working with materials, & includes beautiful detail in his work. the other great thing about stefan is his ethos regarding art & the environment. as of may 07, he had finally phased out the use of toxic paints & pigments in his work. have a read of the 'earth-paint' section of his site.

lola goldstein makes the sweetest of ceramics and pottery. they're full of character, & would be the perfect inclusion to a small nook.


Sanna Dyker said...

Jon Klassen's work really does have some lovely textures in it. I'm loving this Sunday Roast feature. It's making me wish i had another chicken to gobble on today :) xxx

hellojenuine said...

haha, you & your chicken. i want to make a logo for these posts that incorporate a tasty roast. mmm.