11 May 2009


hello friends. i need a little help. the above sentences are what i've come up with for a project, & i need you to help me pick one which best presents what i've said below, & also which is simply better as a phrase. i wish to pass on a little advice regarding how people present themselves & the things that they do; people may take what they want from it, & i am open to your interpretations, but in a nutshell, it's mainly about taking pride in what you do, about innovation & not imitation, & not simply doing things (whatever those things may be) to please others. sometimes i think we all need reminding, myself included, & i'd like this to be something that encourages thought, rather than telling people what to do. 

i've never been the best at putting my idea's into words, but this is a work in progress, so we'll see where it goes. thanks.


chris said...

I like the first one.

I often get depressed by others peoples work when its better than mine.

I like that you can take the phrase to mean that you personally can be better, not better than the person you looking at but better than you are now.

hellojenuine said...

thanks chrisss.
i'm hoping that it makes people think that they can be great for what they do, & for them to realise that.
i know how you feel regarding other people's work, i guess the first phrase would suit this feeling best.

rachellovespeace said...

i really like the first one. it can be discouraging because there are so many wonderful artists out there but you have to believe in yourself and that you can be better. better in your own unique way. it may be hard to believe but it a good reminder and a good way to think. :)

hellojenuine said...

thank you! & thank you for your interpretation. i wanted that phrase to acknowledge that there is great inspiring talent, but that anyone can be the person with that talent if they push themselves.

fanny said...

I really really really like the first one.
xx fanny

hellojenuine said...

thank you. :)

Vanessa Dantas said...

i like the first one, is more encouraging, makes us think :D
personally, it made me think about how people are different, that we must not compare with each other, but with ourselves. like, what you are now e what you can be tomorrow

really liked

hellojenuine said...

thank you! i appreciate your thoughts. :)

catherine w said...

hey jen, i like the "project yourself" one. i feel like the top ones a bit competitive, a bit like its all about measuring yourself against others, going from one side where its negative & you feel inferior to the flip side to where it's positive and you feel superior. and i don't believe either is that healthy. "the race is long but in the end it's only with yourself" (sorry! he he, cannae help maself).
and the last one's a bit wordy for me.
but the middle one is juuusst right in my eyes. it's proactive. it screams "you deserve to be here!", which is true.

looking forward to seeing your project!


hellojenuine said...

thanks lady, i very much like your take. i feel like the first one is a reminder that you can be just as good as anyone else you compare yourself to, but it does come off as competitive. cheers love!

John Alan Birch said...

I like them all, although as i said the other day i think the last one is maybe a bit much to take in although it is a nice statement nonetheless!

I kind of agree with what Catherine is saying about the first one seeming competitive though too so if it where I me I would probably go with the second, I like the idea of 'projecting yourself' i also think that it's the most 'to the point' one if you know what I mean?

Short but sweet.

John Alan Birch said...

that was meant to say 'if it were me'

but then I realised that sounds kind of wrong so 'if it was me'

damn i hate how I mess up grammar when typing online.

art4friends said...

I think I like the third one only because the first and second have negative indications about other people.
but the third just focuses on "yourself" as opposed to other people not being good/included.

But sweet idea!

hellojenuine said...

thank you alan. :)

& thank you renee anne! you are actually the first to choose the green as the one you prefer! i think people just need to use for more words to get certain things across sometimes.

Sanna Dyker said...

It's taken me a while but i've finally decided.

I'm going to choose the first one. I like it as it's not negative towards others in anyway. It makes me think of having a conversation where on person is being negative about their work, or is saying, "yeah but their stuff is great", this to me is like saying, "yeah ok, i'm not saying it's not great, you're right it is, BUT you can be greater". It's the most motivational one for me.

The second one came across quite negative for me. It was just an instant feeling, so i avoided that one.

And the third i do like, and i know what it;s saying, but the first comes across snappier and easier to understand.

Ta da!

hellojenuine said...