14 June 2009

degree shows

small dwelling
this past week or so has been so busy that the above image is almost all i've drawn lately - & i did it at work! anyways, a week past friday i went to see the duncan of jordanstone degree show. the new building worked in favour of illustration & the design departments, but really worked against fine art. i think it'd benefit from being in the art college again next year. overall the show was alright, i think my favourite department show this year was jewellery, good selection of work & it was really nicely laid out. illustration was good, some nice printing & bookmaking (& my friend loren's area smelled so sweet!). i'm going to the edinburgh college of art degree show on monday, looking forward to it. wonder if i'll make it to glasgow's this year?


Lizzy Stewart said...

hooray! i think i'm going to go the glasgow show on friday...i always miss it for one reason or another. I'll be around the show tomorrow so be sure to say hello!

Lor said...

thank you lady :) x x x