7 June 2009

sunday roast

this week's sunday roast post is an automated post as i'm away to newcastle today. fingers crossed it actually works!
first off this week is mr david galletly. i think seeing an exhibition (that was ridiculously excellent) by himself & ruefive in stirling earlier on in the week reminded me that i hadn't yet featured his work. &, like that exhibition, his work is ridiculously excellent. i'm in awe of the precise line & delicate use of pen in his work, which for so many could end up making a piece look overworked & static, but that doesn't happen here. i fell for his trademark blue-&-red-on-brown-with-black-paint-around a couple of years ago, & i still love it. i love the humour in his work, & all the references back to childhood & schooldays that are all too familiar.

next, ashley goldberg. i very much enjoy the characters & colours that ashley uses in her work. many of the people she draws share the same expression, but the use of colours & patterns & shapes bring new emotions to each piece. alan & i have a couple of her small ceramic pieces in our room, i had a terrible time trying to choose! & i have the above piece in postcard form beside my desk at work. it's beautiful.

i picked a sketchbook piece by irina troitskaya, not because i don't like her finished work (far from the truth!) but because her sketchbook work is awesome. i've always enjoyed when the place where an artist or illustrator lives or was born comes through in their work. i love the way she combines gray-scale pencil with colour.


Grampian Mountains said...

I checked out that same exhibition in Stirling too, which I enjoyed, although I was really there to see Julian House's in the next room... what did you think of that?

hellojenuine said...

i liked it, but i was mainly there for the other one, & spent more time in the other room. i'm looking forward to seeing the julian house one at analogue, since it's such a different space.

I need a guide said...

great work!!