22 July 2009

eight hours

no place like home

gocco print, available soon!

i've been super busy of late, again. it can get pretty frustrating, as my to-do list sees more things being added than completed. i received amy of pikaland's latest 'good to know' zine through the door today, & it has such a fitting theme for my current state of mind: 'how do you manage your time?' the very first page of advice, from kerry lemon, was rather inspiring despite it's simple concept:

"i remember reading that we all have 24 hours a day, and so if you spend 8 sleeping and 8 working that still leaves 8 waking hours to spend however you choose... i choose drawing!"

while i know i wouldn't be able to use all eight in as self-indulgent a way as i'd like, eight hours is a lot of time, & it's nice to have a reminder that it's there.

in other news, scott pollard of design jump very kindly featured me on his blog. & have you visited sharesomecandy lately? there's been lots of little changes lately, & more exciting things to come!


d e b b i e said...

lovely houses

hellojenuine said...


mpeter said...

I've been dying to see what can be done with crazy Japanese machine!
Looks very cool.

hellojenuine said...

it's great, but they've sadly stopped making supplies, so it's expensive to buy them now. i have a small stockpile though, & am looking forward to trying some new things with it.

Alice said...

love it !!