26 July 2009

sunday roast

mia christopher's little paintings are lovely. have a peek at her paintings, prints & sketches.

all of the things amy borrell makes are quite super. you'll know what i mean.

i found eleanor wood's work via sharesomecandy, via will bryant. i wish her website was up & running, so that we could see more! the work that she does have online is ace though. certainly quite dreamlike, i love the shapes she's put together.


chamelia said...

Is that a little blue elephant? Like Nelly the Elephant packed her trunk and made her way to the circus? Hehe.

hellojenuine said...

ha, perhaps! it's called "out of here" too.

John Alan Birch said...

I like the elephant too. Hehe.

hellojenuine said...

i know, he/she is super good!