27 October 2009

thank you

thank you

over the past couple of months, my stat counter has pointed out that a few lovely people have been kind enough to post about my work. i kept meaning to make something to say thank you; not only is it encouraging to read something nice about your work, it's ace that other people comment on the things that are written! i was going to make a list of those places after collecting links to where i've been featured, but i think the list might get a bit too ridiculous to post here! so here is a simple thank you for now. for any posts, image features, link to my blog, website or shop. i really appreciate it!

ps. one site i will point out is the ever-lovely pikaland, with posts from racheal as well as it's founder, amy. & here's a tip: if you visit pikaland before next tuesday, you could perhaps win some things from my shop. go!


Jane Solomon said...

Thanks for blogging. I love reading about your work and the work that you admire. I often feel compelled to send links of your posts to people. And I don't even know you. So yay! You appeal to strangers! Also, I have major fashion envy from your "What I Wore Today"s.

So good job. Keep it up.

naa said...

so beautiful thank you upload! :)
well... THANK YOU! :)

hellojenuine said...

hooray for appealing to strangers! thanks guys. :)

emma brown trithart said...

dear madame, you deserve it! your work rocks and you have a great sense of style.

thea said...

that is one INSANELY gorgeous thank you!!



hellojenuine said...

more thank yous to both of you!