19 October 2009



i always seem to get into the swing of my days off on the day before i have to go back to work. today i slept until 10am, then wandered around the local charity shops, before hanging out in my friend's greengrocers-to-be. then picked up some food, before coming home & making some bunting. after that, i drew, then my boy & i had a lovely dinner, before i did some more drawing. now i'm sitting here resenting it being half past ten, & wishing that tomorrow i could do exactly the same as today.


amy said...

it sounds like the perfect day x

2ndComing said...

That's always the way. I get a rush of creative energy at 8pm every sunday. Go Figure.

Steph-annie said...

aw I feel sorry for you. I wish every day was like that too.

Sanna Dyker said...

that does sound like a lovely day :)
I can't wait until the green grocers opens!
Charity shops seem to be lacking in the cosy thick men's jumpers that i want just ow. They must all be holding onto them for the winter.

Will_Bryant said...

just look at that feather, its wonderful!