31 December 2009


edadid 30 - turf house
it's december 31, i almost can't believe it. 2009 was a pretty brilliant year. i'm in a much better place than at the end of 2008, thanks to a new job, eating & living better, producing more work & being much more productive. i took part in a nice number of local/internet projects, as well as setting my own. making new friends & trying my very best to see & keep in touch with old friends. a new website layout & the opening of my etsy shop. trying to buy handmade/second hand & attempting to not purchase as much unnecessary rubbish. didn't catch much live music this year & (as someone who has worked for two cinemas) i've seen a measly average of one film a month! i think my biggest (though unavoidable) regret was not travelling more; i did manage a few days on the isle of skye, & both manchester/liverpool & the highlands for a night. other than that, there aren't many regrets from 2009 at all, which is a pretty good feeling.

i've no idea where i'll be this time next year, but i do know that i can't wait to get started on my to-do list. this hogmany will be a quiet one, spent snuggled up with my boyfriend & some red wine. have a lovely evening whatever you're doing, i hope 2010 is even better for everyone than this past year was.

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