1 January 2010

hello 2010

it's official; happy 2010 everyone! after a quick blog wrap-up yesterday, this post is looking at the coming year. a new year means a nice new list of things to do. i didn't complete that many of the things on last year's list, thanks to some vague plans & last minute additions, but i've been preparing for this year's & i can't wait to start! here are twenty four things i wish to achieve before 2011:

1. learn to crochet (i did do a crochet class... i just didn't retain anything i learned at it!)
2. start screenprinting again
3. visit canada
4. do my 09/10 taxes before july
5. visit three beaches
6. exhibit my work three times
7. redecorate the kitchen
8. knit/crochet a hat for my friend's baby (due in june)
9. clean down sides of cooker though alan did this!
10. stay in a wooden cabin/tipi
11. visit the deer centre in fife
12. make it to 150 sales on etsy & then some! 269 by the end of the year
13. (start to) learn to drive
14. less buying, more saving for adventures!
15. pay off my student loan
16. clean out inbox & unsubscribe from old mailing-lists done, though it's building up again
17. phone home more often
18. less online procrastinating
19. make wrapping paper at christmas
20. open a folksy shop
21. make it to 20 sales on folksy (had 14 sales before i decided to close up)
22. get a massage
23. read twelve books didn't keep track, but hope i managed this
24. monthly bookkeeping

ps. i'm having a new year sale in my shop! there's up to 20% off everything until january 7.


moosh said...

I have a few of these on my list too - learn to crochet has been on it for a few years now though, as has learn to drive. I'll race you! :)

hellojenuine said...

that sounds like a challenge! i am petrified of the idea of driving, but i want to get it over with. need to purchase my ridiculously expensive provisional license first though, bah.

moosh said...

Shamefully, I have held my provisional licence for *whispers* 14 years come March! I really have no excuse.

Jerome said...

And of course if Montreal is included in n°3, you’ll have a place to stay.

hellojenuine said...

you're a sweetheart. i'm close by, the plan is nyc then toronto, still got to book everything.

Lor said...

looks like you shall be having a great year! i have not made my wee list of 'i hopes..' yet, but i will be putting keeping in touch with old chums on it definately. i hope you guys had a wonderful xmas and new year! all the best for 2010 x x x

hellojenuine said...

happy new year, lovely loren! x

Rob Huston said...

Ha, I will be turning 24 here soon too. I might borrow some of these. Screenprinting, taxes, and exhibit are some good ones. I enjoy the image, have a good year!

hellojenuine said...

make sure you put some relaxing ones on your list too!

Dominici said...

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.naa. said...

happy new year dear!
I like your To do list... I wish you lots of joy and happy hours with achieving your goals! Good luck!*

hellojenuine said...

thanks lovely! i think i'll need luck with some of the harder ones, but that's why there are some fun tasks in there too. :)

gretchenmist said...

this is an inspiring list! i love #10 and share 17 {to my family} +18!
happy 2010 :)

Rynke said...

Nice list - and inspiring!
Maybe I should make my own one too, never too late, right? :)

I wish you all the bets in 2010 and hope you can achieve a lot of your goals!

hellojenuine said...

belinda: thanks! some, such as #10, are there to make some, such as #4, more bearable.

rynke: never too late, i got my list compiled on january 4 last year! i hope you have a super 2010 too. :)

corygee said...

cool resolutions.
i also don't know how to drive. :S
your blog is really pretty, and i'm taking a peek at your etsy store now.
impressive! :)

hohkyo my blog. take a peek? :P

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