7 March 2010

jumpers & jamboree

it's high time i updated about jumpers & jamboree, an event organised by lauren gentry, nikki mcwilliams & myself, which took place last tuesday at kokomo's in dundee. all three of us had no idea how the event was going to turn out - we organised it in less than a week from conception to completion! but with twenty wonderful exhibitors/sellers, several live musical interludes, an abundance of cake & some smashing raffle prizes, our little event was a complete success. for three whole hours the places was heaving, we seriously couldn't have asked for a better evening.

you can see some more photos from the event over on flickr, & read a little more about the event here. thank you to those of you who came, saw, bought raffle tickets, listened to music, supported local artists & sang happy birthday (!!). we're already planning our next little jamboree, & are going to give ourselves longer than a week this time (but only slightly!)


fairy-cakes said...

That looks like fun! I wish I could have gone for a gander.

Saw this website and thought of you. http://www.papermash.co.uk/ Probably because of the bunting.

me said...

Hey Jen, I didn't realise it was your birthday on the night, so Happy Birthday! I'd love to take part in the next J&J- thought it was nice getting to be a spectator this time round- so give me a shout!

Lor said...

it looks like the night was a great success from the pics! congrats! looking forward to the next j&j x

Deb said...

hello jen. very well done and happy birthday! i would love to take part next time if possible.x

ian john turner said...

once again you have given me more appreciation for bunting. it won't be long before a used car salesman comes out from his booth to find me weeping in the lot whispering to myself "the bunting, the bunting..."

and of course, a very happy birthday, jen!