8 March 2010

late night catch up

colour wheel

it's 11.30pm & i really ought to go get some sleep since i have to head to the post office before work tomorrow, but i thought i'd ponder a little here instead.

i can't believe how hectic the next few weeks are going to be. within the next month, i'm going to london, toronto & new york, have two films i really want to catch at dca, driving lessons, friends to catch up with, exhibitions that i want to attend, projects to submit to: this doesn't include the every day stuff i have to do, like working, chores, hanging with the boy &, y'know, sleep! i think i need to write it all down to enable myself to process it all, & work out how much free time i have left over. 2010 has been a whirlwind so far. i am low on cash & i am tired, but it's been excellent.

onto other things: all ten free copies of climbing out of a canyon that were up for grabs over on etsy have been claimed! i've had some nice feedback on them too. i wish i could give more goodies away with everything i sell, but i don't have enough time to make things! never mind. while we're on the topic of etsy, my giclée print this is tomorrow is currently on sale with 25% off, in case you'd like to welcome it into your home.

bricks-&-mortar-wise, for those of you over on the west coast, there will be a few opportunities to see my work in the flesh soon. one place includes the super duper welcome home, who will have a selection of cards, postcards, zines & the above badges on sale some time in the near future.

okay, enough pondering. i'm going to get myself some sleep.

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●• Thereza said...

and happy me, i have a colour wheel badge!!
thanks for the lovely afternoon, it was very nice to meet you in person Jen! :)