24 June 2010

back to blogging

as usual, i've been too busy to blog. this is a good thing. the past few weeks have been craft-filled, which is splendid. i don't have time to update about events separately, but here's a quick recap. the handmade nation screening at DCA was brilliant. the embroidery workshop with faythe levine was inspiring & i got to chat to the woman herself. she joined myself & helen & michelle (collectively of craftsville, they had come up for the screening & were staying the night with me) for a cup of tea, & we all ate a delicious dinner with some of the DCA education team before the film. was great to meet some other folks too, namely the ladies of the glasgow craft mafia who had travelled through for the show. great night.

another craft-based evening was the dundee jamboree etsy craft party last friday. it went so well! people came, made, swapped skills & ate cake. kind of perfect. you can view photos over here. so grateful to everyone who helped make it what it was.

now that the craft party is over, i feel like i have time to be getting on with my own work. it's literally been weeks since i've managed to work on something of my own. i'm in the early stages of two very different projects, & i'm looking forward to getting my teeth into them. of course, it's not always easy, especially since i'm in the middle of learning to drive & still taking part in other people's ideas, but hey, it's good to be busy.

a few other things you should take note of:

- amy of pikaland has launched her first pikapackage of the year! you can buy a package here. i'm in this round, & there are so many great artists involved, i'm honoured.

- i added my first new item in what feels like forever to my etsy shop. just five bux for four illustrations that i really wanted to see in print.

- i'm not having much luck over on folksy, & i'm not sure i'm going to stick with it. however, the next two sales get a free mini-zine, so have a nosey.


Michelle Elaine said...

i saw you were in the pikaland giveaway :) everything in there looks super


nathan said...

can u tell me where u get that grid cup?
i love it :D

hellojenuine said...

hey, it's from fishs eddy in new york. http://www.fishseddy.com/

nathan said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

I was just going to ask where you got the mug but it looks like Nathan beat me to the punch!

Nicola said...

where did you get that mug? it's beautiful! x