16 June 2010

awesome wednesday

awesome wednesday

my best friend never ceases to amaze me. she has travelled far & wide, is incredible at organising & communicating, has helped underprivileged people in romania over christmas and worked with people affected by aids in africa, is training to be a primary teacher whilst holding down several jobs & duties, will do anything for her friends & family & has the biggest heart out of anyone i know.

though it's sometimes hard to meet up due to clashing schedules, we met for lunch last friday to have a big catch up. two of the stories we shared was of how great our wednesdays (that's 9 june) had been: i'd had a craft-filled day, taking part in an embroidery workshop & watching craft films, before dinner with some lovely ladies & meeting creative friends at the screening of handmade nation that night. she told me about her amazing day, in which she helped out at a talk by one of her favourite authors, yann martel (life of pi), & how she went out for dinner with he & his publicist afterwards. we blethered away about how our wednesdays had been so inspiring, & chatted about other things, before we went our separate ways for the afternoon.

fast forward to today, 7.30am. going from the shower back to my bedroom, i noticed a package that i'd been totally oblivious to in my sleepy-state on the way to the bathroom. with no idea as to who it was from, i unwrapped it to find a long string of fabric made of lots of little bits of material, & a note entitled 'awesome wednesday'. reading the letter (realising it was from my best friend, i hadn't recognised her handwriting as she has a broken arm at the moment), it briefly described our equally great wednesdays from the week before. then there was a mission statement: 'to make every wednesday a little bit awesome'. she proposed we contributed something to each other's wednesdays to make them better. the fabric was a belt she'd made from recycled saris. it's not often that my day is already brilliant before 8am (i'm usually still asleep). so, awesome wednesdays it is. as if i'd argue against making a day a little more special. this post is just to share how lucky i am to know this wonderful person.


chamelia said...

Everybody needs a best friend like that. She sounds like a really special one x

carolyn alexander said...

awesome wednesdays all round, hurrah!

ps, your blog is looking mighty fine these days... nice one.

Sophie Munns said...

Great blog....
Love the ambience and the things you post on!
Will be back,

Green Pickles said...

What an awesome best friend!
How lovely!


starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

that is so sweet! she is lucky to have you too!

Katie Green said...

Such an inspiring idea - I look forward to hearing about more of your awesome Wednesdays! Your friend sounds like a real gem :)

●• Thereza said...

wonderful indeed.
friends do the best things! yay to your best friend and her ace idea of making wednesdays more special :)

gretchenmist said...

this is so lovely :)

Victoire said...

Wow, she seems like a real gem! I love all your pictures on your blog and I think the links on the side are adorable :)


Nekocherry said...

oh..I didn't resist and took one for my dad!!! :D