8 June 2010

nice to look at

i'm avoiding doing some work by posting some amazing work by various & excellent people.


if you're in edinburgh anytime soon i suggest you visit chris bettig's exhibition, 'all i heard was the echo in the light', currently up at analogue books. i was sorry to miss the opening but had the pleasure of meeting him the next day. visit if you can.

lizzy stewart has some smashing new work up over on her flickr. so good, very much enjoying the literary theme of recent pieces.

i love ray fenwick's comics & narratives. the above is an article about converting old soap into new bars that are distributed for free where needed.

ana montiel's patterns are beautiful. such calming colours & compositions. i also love that her website background changes colour depending on which page you're on.

very much liking jack hudson's work. the poster he did for group exhibition he was a part of at here gallery in bristol is a favourite for sure.


Michelle Elaine said...

Thanks for the disctractions :) The last two were my favorites.


Lizzy Stewart said...

cheers jen! was sad to miss you on saturday. feel like i've been chained to my desk for weeks!

Sara said...

thank you for this post. I do believe I have some new art to look at for awhile!

Nina Lindgren said...

oh. beautiful! nice collection :)

●• Thereza said...

what an inspiring exhibition! thanks for showing such lovely images :) i adore the first one.

hellojenuine said...

glad we're all agreed that this stuff is awesome!

lizzy: no worries, wish i could have made the opening. i admire your chained-to-desk dedication, will see you soon!

SOCUTE said...

Hi :) I featured your badge :)
here http://petitsocute.blogspot.com/search/label/KIDS
have a good day

jennifer young said...

i am in love with that first image!

Ana Montiel said...

Dear Jen,

Thanks for your nice words about my patterns :)
Love your work! Maybe some day we can meet now that we live in the same island ;)

Have a great weekend*