5 July 2010

weekend away

new brighton

feeling good after a long weekend away. spent time napping & sleeping accompanied by the sound of the tide, on beaches, drinking beer & not worrying about how i've barely done any work lately & how much i need to tidy. have given up on a book i was struggling to get into for months & have started reading something new. making pacts with myself to spend less time procrastinating online. funny how just a few days away from routine can make everything feel better.

few little things:
this illustration by jack hudson is seriously smashing, it's fun to momentarily get lost in a piece of work.
- these
hand-drawn badges by ruefive are close to destroying my much needed buy-less-things mentality.
- if you didn't manage to catch the first edition of lizzy stewart's wolfdream gocco print then have no fear, the
second edition is just as beautiful.


Ashley said...

I love this image, its so peaceful

●• Thereza said...

hmmm i need a few days away too, it does make a difference. can totally identify with the procrastination bit + spending more time than i should online... beautiful photo

Camilla said...

i love that photo. do you live there? :)

Ms M said...

Such a beautiful image! Roll on the weekend lie in!