6 July 2010


uppercase page

i picked up my copy of issue 6 uppercase magazine from the post office today. managed to not rip open the envelope until i got back to work, where i pulled it out then shamelessly flipped to page 45 where my piece i submitted for their open call took up almost a whole page. so pleased.

the call was for illustrations of your workspace. i treated my piece as an in-depth sketch, not getting too precious, trying to include all the random bits on my desk & not tidy up or slip in interesting objects that aren't usually there. at first i wasn't going to fill in the postcards on my wall the way i did. originally i was going to make them less recognisable, so you perhaps couldn't tell who's work it was, but this turned out to be harder than i imagined (especially when the postcard involved large text). anyway, i thought i might use this post to show you who resides at eye-level on my wall. it's a selection of postcards by artists either picked up at shows or sent with packages, plus two photos sent by photographers. i hope people take their being there & appearing in this piece as a compliment. from left to right:

top: anthony zinonos, lucy bridger, anke weckmann, ashley anna brown, jez burrows, gavin mcdougall
thereza rowe, lizzy stewart, supermundane for anorak, old swiss postcard from a friend, john dilnot, anthony burrill, nigel peake, robert maple, david galletly


Deb said...

your artwork looks great in uppercase magazine. dx.

Kayleigh Bluck said...

This illustration is fab, and I always like to see artwork in context. You must be so proud

chamelia said...

You captured the working space pretty well. Sort of spooky to be looking at it while I sit in my workspace..with my mac in front of me and my green cutting board beside..with artwork blu tacked to the wall behind me, lol. Great minds think alike.

David Galletly said...

haha! amazing

hellojenuine said...

thanks all!

●• Thereza said...

ohh this is sooo ace! before i read the text i recognized my wee el justiciero postcard there. clever idea Jen, just wonderful.
have a lovely day :)