5 August 2010

anything you can do

anything you can do

hurrah! at long last, i've started screen printing again. as much as i love my gocco, it felt so good to produce a print that is larger than A6 in size. a simple two colours, i got an edition of eight prints out of this session, with a few extra prints that weren't registered well enough to make the cut, but will be available at craft fairs where people can see the print for themselves. i can't wait to get back into the print studio & print some more. the above print is available on etsy for just over £20. since it was a test as well as a finished print, i feel okay with letting it go at a lower price.

been busy the past couple of weeks. spent the weekend in edinburgh/fife. went to view the new analogue books show, turn up the colour, & also visited edinburgh printmakers and the lovely new hannah zakari shop. had my first ever coffee (yes) at peter's yard, & after wandering around edinburgh with alan for a while, we made a stop on the way to visit my sister to walk along the coast, so nice to be outside by the sea. an ace weekend.

creatively, i've been trying to squeeze in doing work. i'd love to be able to tell you that i managed to prepare a brand new zine for the zine workshop at welcome home on sunday, but alas, my schedule has worked against me. never mind. you can still come & hang out & make stuff with marceline & i. she's been much more organised than me & is unleashing a new zine at the workshop. stop by & say hi if you can.


kerri said...

hiya jen,

just a wee note to say that i loved your piece in little brother zine. felt dead chuffed that my work was in a zine with awesome art work! x

naa said...

your screen-print turned out really great! I don't drink coffee either (did you like it?), but speaking of never-I never made a screen-print and I would really love to. I hope I'll have a chance someday.

It seems you're having fun... so keep doing that!
Good night.*

Deb said...

your return to screen-printing print looks fab. love the blue (turquoise-y) against the black.dx.

lauren carney said...

ooh laa laa!
your blog makes my insides happy!
the pretty pictures are so grand!
how splendid indeed! x x