9 August 2010

life is good

life is good

mondays are my favourite days. today i had a good driving lesson & got back into the print studio to make the above. you can buy it over on etsy.

yesterday i went through to welcome home in glasgow to help out at the zine workshop marceline was holding. it was a fun little afternoon, & lots of people came & made zines which was excellent. it was good to visit welcome home again, & i met some nice creative types. you can read marceline's account of the day here, & learn how to take part in a zine challenge (go on, sign up).

well, alan & i are about to make mince & tatties. i haven't had it for over twelve years, but we bought some quorn mince so we're going to give it a shot.


lauren carney said...

oh dolly,
these are some rather fancy snapshots!
i enjoy gazing lovingly upon them!
thanks for sharing!
your blog is splendid! x x

M.M.E. said...

This print has such a great message! I hope the tatties turn out well!!

Nosideup said...

This is lovely. It reminds me of some Louise Bourgeois works (I adore her work, so it's a compliment :) ).

Gaby said...

Hey, I'm a long time reader but I don't think I've commented before... But just wanted to let you know that you were featured today on DesignIsMine!



hellojenuine said...

do you know what is bizarre? i found out about that about five minutes ago, though a statcounter. then i check my e-mail & found your comment!

thanks for letting me know. :)