2 September 2010

hello september

long time no speak! the number of readers of this blog drifted over 300 since i last posted, so i felt i was due an update.

august was a busy one (actually, 2010 as a whole has been rather mental). since joining my local print studio, i've been trying to make it in once a week - i wish i could spend more time there, i've got so many ideas floating around. as well as the prints i've posted recently, i printed the above design in the form of a card, have done two more editions (green & yellow) of my life is good print (there's only one left for sale from the original edition!), & i've also produced a small run of a print for an exhibition, toy shop, in manchester, which i'll post at a later date.

as well as gaining two new stockists (the shiny & new hannah zakari in edinburgh & lovely frank in kent), the next dundee jamboree is almost upon us - as part of n_ilk micro-music-festival at the botanics, we're holding a mini-market, with some previous sellers & new faces. it's looking to be an excellent day, you should come join us if you can - tickets can be purchased here.

in other news, my little etsy shop is just shy of being a year old. august has been my most successful month, which has been a nice way to finish year one. i'm going to be having a blog giveaway & shop sale soon so keep an eye out.

i really ought to update more often; these big monthly updates are long and i'm pretty sure the only person who reads them is my mum (hello mum! x). until next time!


Swell Papel said...

I'm reading your updates! Well, at least now I am! :)

Paz López said...

I LOVE your work!
I'll be reading your updates!
lovely lovely work

Kate said...

It didn't seem very long, I read all of it and would have read more!

lauren carney said...

hoe hum gosh golly.
I find your blog to be rather swell.
The fancy display of pretty pictures here there and everywhere make
me smile <3
x x x