30 May 2008

badges forever

i just bought this contraption; a 1" button maker, graphic punch, & 1500 button parts. so, in roughly two weeks, i can make badges like a mother bitch.

we'll be leaving for london in just over three weeks. i've decided to display two of my D&AD photos on my piece of board, & have the rest of my work in my portfolio, which needs cleaning up. plus i'm going to take my remaining tea monsters down for display. after discussion & pulling names out of a hat, i'm going to be at the new blood opening night, along with our tutors & tracey. i also have a place for the portfolio surgery, which i'm pretty sure will scare me shitless beforehand. but as i'm not that happy with my portfolio, i reckon it can only help (hopefully). i've got to order some more moo cards before we go too. so much to do, so much more money to spend, so little time.

band of horses - the first song

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