31 May 2008

toys toys

well, since i've posted mostly words recently, i decided to post a selection of my favourite toys, robots, plush, & plastic that i own. after giving my room a once-over, i've decided i don't have nearly enough! i'm currently waiting for my petit lapin to come in the post, & have only just realised how many of my smaller toys - including a wind-up domokun & 4" munny - i've got on my desk still in my studio. anyway, on with the show:

1. my birthday treeson set, sitting happily in front of a collection of french buttons. i wanted a treeson since i first saw them, & was happy i could take advantage of the birthday set when it came out. now i have two!
2. one of the newest to my collection, my surprise from the kidrobot kiiro blind item mini series. & lucky me, i got the rare secret item!
3. on my bedside table sit a small plush gloomy bear & my unazukin doll. unazukin dolls are small dolls that respond to sound by either nodding or shaking their heads, helpful in making decisions! i got her at the end of 2006 from bandai, although i don't think they sell them there anymore.
4. two french additions from the start of this year, ange lapin (angel rabbit) & a latitude enfant knitted robot. i bought the robot with no hesitation in paris in january, & upon return alan bought me my ange lapin online after i fell in love whilst in paris, but couldn't afford one. these chaps relax on my bed when i don't.
5. this is my collection of robots! i currently have six tin robots (two from alan, one from sanna, one from a dear friend, one from yours truly, & one - the little tiny one - was found in the art college library. he's actually a tin/plastic sharpener, made all the more incredible by the fact that he has a star on david emblazoned on his belt, & "tin light", "mr robot" written on his chest.) in the background is a plastic robot plate that i bought in paris, & some rubber stretchy robots from my chum jules.
6. this is my momiji that i got from my sister for christmas. beside her sits a little piece of sushi that i got in a packet of sushi plasters. ideal!
7. a little wooden robot pencil top from my friend lauren-y, plus another gloomy bear, although this time he is a plastic key-chain, with arms & legs that move. the robot resides in a sulphuric acid bottle i got from a charity shop.
8. last but not least, my munny series 2 zipper pull, attatched to my praktica slr. i have two zipper pulls from series 2, the white & white bow-tie'd verisons, & from series 1 i have the banana. friends of mine will be witness to the fact that i was gutted to get the banana rather than an actual munny. i will rant about it when brought up (i'm better now that i actually own tiny munnys however).

there we go! that was fun for me, i don't know about you. my one grumble after my little task is that i miss my canon even more. i haven't used my trusty little nikon coolpix 4300 since i saw willy mason last summer, but oh how it made me wish i'd taken it for a spin rather than the dslr on degree show night! it's funny how holding something so small feels bizarre after a year of a bigger model, especially when it used to be the camera i relied on.

right, now i have cleaning that i promised myself i'd do this fine saturday before work. hup-to-it.

le tigre - fake french

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CG said...

I could buy all the silly limited Kid Robot vinyl in the world but those little tin robots are seriously the biz. Nice job.