23 May 2008


for unknown reasons (but i'm prepared to blame being in the rain for not even two minutes) my cameras flash has stopped working. after degree show shenanigans i tried to take a photo with the flash only to be told that it was obstructed? no amount of turning it off then on, or reading the manual, or removing the battery was going to change anything, so i took it to the camera doctors today, also known as jessops, & i am to be camera-less for most likely three weeks, if not more. i'm pretty sure i won't have it back for graduation/new blood either. gutted. i was in such a rubbish mood afterwards that i ate a cheese & onion pastie. & i hate onion.

to top it off, i have thirty five hours at work this week. swell money wise, but i've never had to clean up popcorn that much in a week before! it's going to be a busy few weeks with so much to prepare before london.

ben folds - you to thank


Hollie said...

oticed the moo section to the illustration degree show, very nice it was. Loved the tea monster sets :)

Also, sorry to hear about your camera. I think I need to take mine in to be cleaned, its got crap on the inside lens that im having no luck getting rid off, the pictures are clear but when you look through the view finder its all smears and fluff :(

Hollie said...