21 May 2008


hectic crazy week! it began with results day which, i can't lie, wasn't much for fun for me. i was pretty disappointed with my grade, but i suppose the bigger picture is that i passed, as did everyone in my class, & i was happy for everyone as a group because we've done swell. cue two more days of degree show preparation, & we were sorted. everyone looked beautiful, & it was a good night, lots of congratulations, drink, hugs, jazz.

i finally managed to get my website online too: hellojenuine.com is where to go.

the past few days have been spent invigilating, which is made exciting with gaps of events including the birlinn book awards being given out (which illustration won four out of a possible four awards, seeing as no-one opted to do one of the three books), going to see the rest of the show, & selling pieces of work. my sold work to date includes: two tea monsters sets (earl grey & english breakfast, who is my favourite, i'll miss him!), 36 packs of badges, two framed drawings, one small painting, & a book of sketches. amazing!

there's three more days of the show left, so if you haven't had a chance to visit yet, make sure you do. & there's still plenty more to purchase in the illustration shop too, a wise investment.

tv on the radio - staring at the sun

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