1 June 2008


so, as if one new toy wasn't enough, here's the next thing on my wish list: a gocco printer. i looked into getting one of these back in third year after getting a gocco print at the opening night of jon burgermans show in analogue. it was out of my price range however, plus the shipping costs were hefty as they're japanese. now i've started looking again, & i think with the money i made at the degree show that it's feasible.

unfortunately, i've read that the company who makes them very recently released a statement saying they're going to stop making them (this has happened before, to which a new rush of demand meant they kept making them). what with polaroid calling it quits with their instant cameras, i don't want to lose out on this opportunity too. i'm going to do a little bit more research, but i think this will come in handy in the future, producing results that aren't as clean & flat as a digital printer.

the distillers - i understand

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