22 June 2008

english travels

well! graduation was brilliant! i was a tad nervous, but needn't have been. the ceremony wasn't nearly as long as i'd expected, & as a result really nice. since those receiving BA's in art & design took up half the hall, i recognised a lot of people crossing the stage. it was lovely cheering on fellow illustrators & my closest friends, & although i apparently looked less than willing before my name was called out, i couldn't help smiling hearing a little collective cheer as i went to get hit on the head. it was bizarre passing vivienne westwood on stage too. the garden party was fun also, scouting around for people to get photos taken with: hard when everyone looks exactly the same! we managed to get nine out of sixteen of my lovely class for a group photo. it really makes me thankful that i had to share my studying with such a great bunch of people, even more so after hearing about some other departments. after a lovely meal with my family some of us headed out for a few drinks. i had a graduation hangover the day after, but it was well worth it.

alan & i went to brought ferry yesterday as it was his last full day in dundee before he moves out. we had a lovely wee day, visiting the castle & taking a long walk along the beach. he'll be back in perth in august, but it won't be the same as ten minutes down the road.

right now i'm in the middle of packing for london! i'm not looking forward to the megabus journey one bit, but hopefully new blood will make up for that. i'm going to liverpool/wallasey for a few days after for alans birthday party, before coming back to... nothing! from july onwards, it's time to start anew.

the decemberists - shiny


Rob said...

Three cheers for Wallasey and graduating!
That Skeleton T-shirt is awesome and I want one.
Yep that's the film we're working on. I am very proud :D
I'm also glad they released an image I can show people without breaking my confidentiality agreement.
Happy New Blood to you.

jenuine said...

three cheers indeed. i'm sitting by a large window looking out on a slightly gloomy mersey presently.
thank you! i love it, i got it from a tshirt company called waffo a couple of years ago. they may still have them, but it doesn't see the light of day that often thanks to it being hand-wash only.
haha, yes, no wonder you'd never said. but very exciting, keep people updated!

Anonymous said...

I love this graduation photo but I wish the sun wasn't so bright on our faces :( Would anyone listen to me? No! Probably because I was a rambling drunk at the time.