2 June 2008

good burgers

just when i shouldn't even be thinking of spending more money (but don't worry, i'm good at restraining my buying) i find these delicious items by jon burgerman. i was tempted by this t-shirt he did for yes no maybe back in january, & i'm still lusting after it. then today i found out about his custom dunny he did as part of the we three bears collective. as if it wasn't good enough already, being a jon burgerman/kidrobot collaborative, it's called tea bear! but it will just have to be an online feast for the eyes... i think.

in other things, i listened to we are scientists new album brain thrust mastery, & it just wasn't as good as their debut. it may grow on me, but i was disappointed. currently i'm listening to wilco's album sky blue sky, & it's extremely pleasant. one i'd recommend.

time to do something productive...

wilco - you are my face

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