1 July 2008

will you still love me if i update this blog?

some chums & i visited gosh! whilst in london last week. it was frigging brilliant. i've never been in a shop that sold graphic novels by all my favourite author/illustrators - & more - before (new york comes close, but not quite). like a child in a sweet shop, i knew i wasn't leaving until i'd bought something. i made two purchases, the first being birds & words by charles harper. i wasn't familiar with him prior, but i couldn't resist his beautiful bird prints & paintings. the way little birds perch & constantly looks ready to flee is hard to capture, but he gets the angles & poises spot on. gorgeous colours & descriptions too. the second book i bought was will you still love me if i wet the bed? by liz price. i saw this on my recommendations list on amazon a while ago, so seeing it on a shelf for the first time sealed the decision to pick it up. a cute little book, about the little quirky bits of love that are usually kept between couples. she's not quite jeffrey brown, but a sweet & quick little read (my friends managed to get a read of it too.)

alan bought a couple of jeffrey brown books in gosh!, one that he wasn't aware existed, & both which i'd never heard of: feeble attempts & conversation #2, with james kochalka. both as funny & honest as always, a favourite from feeble attempts was 'can you feel jesus in your heart', & conversation #2 just makes the gap between the famous & the unknown even smaller, highlighting insecurities & the need for appreciation of art.

i'm still down south as i've extended my mini holiday until tomorrow, so i'm off to liverpool for the day.

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