15 July 2008

look up

i've been in a slightly sour mood for the past few days, with my company largely being customers. the next 24 hours bring much anticipated meetings with friends, so i've cheered up considerably. & as always, there's nothing like a little retail therapy &, as a result, the postman at the door. today i received some lovely hairbobbles by meeting street designs on etsy, & the beautifully illustrated (& i can only assume the same for the writing, but i'll be reading it later on) i am the friction, a collection of words & pictures by duo sing statistics.

the decemberists - the perfect crime #2


EboR√Ęguebi said...


I'm Luis
Player of Rugby
I Your Blog

Until one day


jenuine said...

hello luis. i'm so glad you i my blog. it's for people like you that i write this thing.