9 July 2008

snap happy

guess who's back! even the guy in jessops could tell how excited i was, due to my quiet squealing & flapping.

i had a good tuesday, complete with pancakes, chat, chopsticks, friends, wine, & a new read in friends like these by danny wallace, a gift from my best chum. i've been waiting for it to come out for over a year, so i was super happy to finally have it in my hands. night time brought a small illustration get together (sad that not everyone could make it). it sounds like some more of my class are considering getting blogs! this excites me, i can always use another excuse to procrastinate. for my current procrastination techniques (aka current classmate blogs) are as follows:

alan birch (my boy who just began blogging, but this has been intermitted whilst he travels around morocco), ali hardy (a blog on windsurfing, which he is currently neglecting due to... windsurfing), cat jeans (this blog is about her final year project, hence why it's ended), sanna dyker (finally! a blog that is being updated, frequently! my flat-mates adventures & escapades of art & life & such), & tracey smith (who has also just started hers up, so hopefully she'll continue).

i realise that three out of five blog writers are currently on leave, but to tide you over, here are links to everyone else in my class' websites (or the closest they have to one):


Sanna Dyker said...

Yay for blogs :) and...


jenuine said...

I KNOW! :D now we can take beautiful photos again!