28 September 2008

sports i can love

the love sport series is a set of animations from studio aka depicting some of the more neglected sports in pixels, with humorous twists. i first saw one during some trailers at work in summer - park football - then found the rest online last night. have a peep, my favourites are paintballing & basketball.

the arcade fire - une annee sans lumiere


Steph said...

So that was what that film was about. ha ha. Paintballling was awesome!

jenuine said...

haha, yes! whoever i was seating people with when i saw it didn't like it much, but i loved it.

John Alan Birch said...

hehe i liked them all, not sure which my favourite was.

I thought that the high diving one was funny if not a little grim.


jenuine said...

oh yeah, haha. i love when everyone screams & some of them dive in to help. so grim, but so ace.

Steph said...

Just been back to watch the rest of them!...'The dogs'...OH MY GOSH. I love rabbits but that was a bad bunny!