4 January 2009

hello 2009

h n y

it's the new year! it's time to make some promises for the next 365 (well, 361) days. i never used to make resolutions, but i feel a new number is a pretty good starting point for a giant list of to-do's & pledges. inspired by this lady, i have decided to use my age as a goal for the coming year. as i'm turning two-three in oh-nine, i have made a list of 23 things to achieve (will fill in the final few when they come to me). in no particular order:

1. take part in the pikapackage project (sadly didn't, but i'd still love to do this when it next happens)
2. visit another country (money & new job meant the only places i managed to visit this year were the isle of skye, manchester & newcastle. so, unless england counts, didn't manage this!)
3. learn a new skill (i've learned marketing skills, the pen tool in photoshop, but not a "skill" as such.)
4. gain my french 1 certificate (oh no, thanks to getting a new job i didn't manage this either!)
5. open an online shop (hooray! opened my etsy shop in september)
6. achieve fifteen sales in said shop (this, but double + more)
7. produce at least one significant piece/body of work a month (i like to think i've done the equivalent of this)
8. take more pictures (i've not taken nearly as many photos as i used to in previous years)
9. stretch my ear piercings to desired size (not quite there, but almost. not rushing anything)
10. send more letters in the post (i definitely did this, hooray!)
11. try five new recipes (alan does more of the cooking for us, which i'm eternally grateful for, but i did manage to cook/bake more than five new recipes, & they were delicious)
12. completely re-do website (done!)
13. make things: make cosmetics, make gifts, bake, etc (thanks to knitting & baking i achieved this, but also focused on giving gifts that people wanted/needed rather than just any old thing, plus second hand finds)
14. read twelve new books (i don't think i managed this. i've read more than twelve, but some were re-reads - including re-reading one of my new reads!)
15. do something for charity (apart from donating money, didn't manage this to the extent i wanted)
16. have a thorough de-clutter of my belongings (did this, will continue to do so)
17. learn more, & illustrate my findings (didn't really have time to set up any projects like this sadly)
18. make a big change (new job! just one of many changes this year)
19. have my work shown in three places (done!)
20. post on sea legs at least twice a month (failed, ha. poor sea legs)
21. spend more time in the great outdoors (i probably spent more time in doors this year thanks to working 37+ hours a week, but i have tried)
22. take on marceline's zine challenge (done!)
23. get hair cut at least three times (failed, i only got two)

some of the above are a bit vague, but i want to leave some space for chance. some also aim a bit lower than i originally planned, but i want my goals to be attainable. out of last year's resolutions, the only thing i didn't do was learn to knit properly. & seeing as i can knit a scarf anyway, i deem last year's resolution list a success.

have you any resolutions, dear readers?


Steph said...

I have a few, but I'm going to start making a bigger list. Don't think it will be nearlt as long as yours but it's a target. I'll post them up soon.

Good luck.

p.s. Blog background looks lovely, very you!

hellojenuine said...

thanks! & regarding the background, does it look alright on your computer? what size is your screen & what internet application do you use?

Miss Kolleen said...

i should have done this... hmmm... i wonder how many resolutions i have?

Miss Kolleen said...

... only 13! it would be hard to come up with 14 more.... i'll try!

hellojenuine said...

i actually though 23 would be easy, cause they don't have to be big... but it's really not!

Steph said...

don't worry it's all good. Right now I'm using a pc. My concern would be that the white centre bit wasn't in the middle, but don't worry it is centre.

It makes it look like a cross between a very long sheet of paper being laid or rolled along a wooden table (which by the way makes it easier to follow) and a picture frame. Wood's nice because to me it feels authentic and real. Real because I'm using a computer which there are always blocks of colours but around me in my environment there are textures and details. It's like you have applied these comforts to make a suitable desktop on my pc. Nice one. (not sure if I was blabering there). I also don't see any joins! When I have used dreamweaver and you try applying a background the image sometimes repeats becuase the screen size of a mac is smaller than a pc. But I don't see any joins all is very smooth. great

Pikaland said...

Ooh, what a great idea! And those are very do-able, especially the online shop thingy and selling 15 pieces *ahem*! :)
I'm off to do my list now!
Happy new year dear Jen!

Pikaland said...

oh and duh for me -- you can totally rock my socks for your #1 resolution. You're in anytime my dear!


hellojenuine said...

happy new year amy! & thank you. :) i'm starting small, having never sold online before.

happy listing!

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

Your new blog look is just great. In fact, I'm adding your loveliness to my blogroll right away :).

hellojenuine said...

oh awesome, thank you. :) i shall do the same, i've enjoyed your tweets, now i'll enjoy your blog.

Grampian Mountains said...

That's a pretty good list I'd say. And it's ok, you can steal posters, I won't tell anybody.


marceline said...

hah, would you believe my list of resolutions includes a challenge to certain folks including you? I'll get on and post it soon and maybe you can fill an empty slot :)

hellojenuine said...

craig: permission to indulge in thievery! excellent.

marceline: how curious i am to find out about this challenge!